Potential Dangers of High Winds

Published: 07th July 2009
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Throughout the United States high winds can be a problem in almost all places. The most prevalent of areas would be flat plains or lands where wind can not be blocked or stopped. These winds can be serious, causing expensive damages and relevant dangers. Being aware of weather and watching for warnings in high wind situations is ideal. Learning how to handle high wind situations can save you money and possibly injury.

High winds cause damage because as they blow they pick up debris, break tree limbs, cause trees to fall, collapse structures and even rip things, such as building, apart. Any debris lying in the open during high winds can become a hazard.

More times than not high winds occur when a storm is approaching, but they also can be present by themselves. When there is a more than 50% chance of high winds occurring, the National Weather Service will issue a high wind watch. When the chances are even higher a high wind warning will be issued. With cold weather high winds can bring additional warnings, such as wind chill warnings, which need additional awareness.

High winds can occur in almost any season, but are most prevalent in spring and winter. Spring seems to be the top season for high winds in many parts of the country. When high wind warnings are watches are issued it is important to take precautions to prevent damage and injury.

If high winds are approaching then you should go outside your home and clean up or secure down any items that could be blown around by the wind. Trees should be inspected for breaks and any broken or fallen limbs should be removed. Lawn furniture and other outdoor items should be taken inside. That includes trash cans, outdoor decorations and potted or hanging plants.

Once the high winds begin you should stay inside and stay away from windows. Flying debris is a major cause of accidents as it can hit a window and break it or cause other severe damage. You should try to stay off the road and avoid driving since high winds can easily blow a vehicle around. High winds have been known to overturn vehicles, as well. Visibility can also be lowered if there is dust, snow or rain in the area, too.

Electricity going out is quite common during high winds. Trees that have been knocked over due to the winds can land on power lines, or sometimes the power lines themselves are knocked over. On occasion it can take days to repair the damages, so be prepared for this to happen and have back up lighting and heating on hand, or have other plans already laid out.

Once high winds have passed through your area check your property for any damages and fix them as soon as possible. If high winds return unfixed damages could become dangers, and may inflict harm. Your homeowners insurance policy will most likely cover damages caused by high winds, so make sure to contact your insurance agent right after the storm.

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