Minnesota's Notorious Hail Storm Season's; Why Should I Get Hail Damage Repaired Right Away?

Published: 07th July 2009
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Minnesota Hail Storms

Throughout the summer months, Minnesota is often times overwhelmed by hail storms. These storms are caused by small water droplets being carried by updrafts in a storm to a height in which they freeze. This process repeats itself and the small water droplet eventually becomes a heavy enough piece of ice to fall to earths surface. Hailstones have been seen in a variety of sizes, from tiny little pebble all the way to the size of baseballs. Larger hailstones are quite capable of reeking havoc on personal property, homes, vehicles, and people.

How Much Damage is Caused by Hail?

Minnesota hailstorms are not known to cause injury or death, but they are notorious for property damage. In 1994 Duluth was hit by golf ball sized hail causing $50 million in damage. According to the NOAA Economics, Minnesota suffered over $1.5 billion in damages due to hailstorms in 1998. This included the damages to cars, homes, businesses and crops. Hail can easily destroy the roof of a home or business, rip off siding, break windows, ruin gutters, and reeking havoc on landscaping. Cars are another easy target for hailstorms, leaving windshields cracked and car bodies demolished.

Unseen Damage Caused by Hail

Detecting the damage done to your roof by hail is more difficult then people believe. To see the true extent of damage done by hail you have to look for missing granules on an asphalt roof, which means getting up on your roof. Darker roofs make the task of spotting missing granules even harder. A bruise type spot on the roof is a sign of these missing granules. Severe damage to shingles may be fractured or penetrated shingles, and wood shingles will split. Getting the damages fixed often depends on your warranty and insurance company. Each insurance company uses a different scale to measure the extent of damage and to determine if it needs to be repaired or not.

Why it is Important to Fix Hail Damage as Soon as Possible

Even if the hail damage is hard to see, it is imperative that it be repaired as soon as possible. Hail can cause small cracks and tears in your roofing material, which will let the water in to your underlayment. While the effects of potential water damage may not show up right away, by the time you notice it the damage could be pretty extensive and expensive. Of course, there is also a time limit to file with your insurance company regarding hail damage, and that date will be long gone by the time the water damage has occurred to your home. After any hailstorm, check for damage, file your claim and get it repaired before it becomes an even more expensive headache.

What You Should Do During a Hail Storm

If you should find yourself outdoors in a sudden hailstorm, find shelter as quickly as possible. Avoid water, isolated trees, high ground, open spaces and picnic shelters. Trees may be hit by lightning or fall over due to wind. Try to cover your head if you can't find any other shelter. If you are indoors, stay away from the windows, skylights or glass doors which may break if hit by large hailstones. Don't use any electrical appliances, especially telephones. They may conduct electricity. Turn off your electrical appliances if possible. If you are driving, pull over until the storm is over. Keep away from ditches, as they may flood.

Always be careful in every hail storm no matter the severity. If your MN home or business has suffered damage, be sure to deal with a trustworthy contractor that will take care of insurance claims from start to finish and repair hail damage in a time worthy fashion as well as cost you the least amount possible.

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