Is Your House Suffering From Plumbing Problems, Leaking Pipes, Broken Pipes, or Sewer Backup?

Published: 18th July 2009
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Plumbing problems typically come unexpectedly and the last thing you want to do is avoid dealing with them. Not handling the problem completely or immediately can cost you a lot more damage and a lot more money. Even the tiniest of a problem can cost you more money than you think. Take a dripping faucet for example. One faucet in your house dripping on a regular basis can waste nearly 1,000 galloons of water in a year. On top of that, that dripping can stain your sink costing you even more money.

Now a dripping faucet is not normally the most serious problem that comes to mind when people think about plumbing problems. Leaking pipes are a problem that probably does though, and for good reasons. A leaky pipe can cause severe damage such as weakening your homes foundation, ruining sheetrock, causing mold growth, and damaging furniture and personal belongings. These problems may not be as serious if a leaking pipe is fixed promptly and the water cleaned up properly.

A leak under your foundation can be a whole different problem. The biggest concern about a leak buried in the ground is that it will most likely go unnoticed. That being said, the leak can possibly erode away and create holes in the soil your foundation was laid on. Another possible problem is if your foundation was laid on top of soil made of clay materials. The leak can expand the clay soil, and once the leak stops the soil can shrink, also causing holes and cracks to be formed. Once holes have formed under the foundation of your house, the foundation itself can begin to crack. With a cracked foundation your home will become stressed, causing floors, walls, ceilings, and anything else that relies on the solid and sound foundation to crack.

The only way to really prevent a below ground leaking pipe tragedy is to keep a close eye on your water bill. Watch for random jumps that you know should not be there. It is better to be safe than sorry, so calling a plumber and having them come out and do a free inspection is a wise choice if you believe something is up.

The last plumbing problem anyone wants to deal with is a sewer backup. On top of reeking of foul and almost unbearable odors, they typically come with extra surprises that nobody wants touching their home or belongings. The most common cause for sewer backups are mistakes that people could avoid; mistakes such as trying to flush diapers down the toilet, or putting food down the drain. Our sinks, toilets, and pipes are not meant to handle these things, and you should toss these items in the garbage instead. If you are one of the unfortunate people who have to endure a sewer backup, get professional help immediately. Sewer water is quite possibly carrying bacteria, and should never be left sitting.

Any water leak in your house, even the smallest ones, can cost you a considerable amount of money especially if left alone for a length of time. The best thing you can do is call a plumber immediately. Almost all plumbers offer free inspections, and most will also offer 24/7 Emergency Service. Rotting, cracking, sinking, mold growth, infections, and more costly things can occur when water is left sitting. Do not hesitate once a plumbing problem strikes your home.

Any plumbing issue you have should be fixed immediately. If you need the help of a twin cities plumber, or need your plumbing issue fixed, the author Dan Bushinger can assist you.

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